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Brazilian Butt Lift

Big Changes & Little Changes Make a BIG Difference

We at Image Cosmetic Center believe we have the best price for the best service in the country for Brazilian Butt Lifts.

Our excellent Brazilian Butt Lifts start out at $3600* (pricing will increase according to weight, size, and number of areas).

*Prices are based on people who weigh 135 lbs or less. Someone weighing over 135 lbs should expect an increase in the cost of their surgery. Unfortunately we cannot offer the same price for each patient. The difficulty of surgery increases with more weight, loose skin, irregular scarring, old surgeries and other issues. For example, a patient who wishes to have the Brazilian Butt Lift who weighs 220 pounds with a large stomach and an old C-Section scar will probably have to pay $4600 instead of $3600 for the fat transfer including the first area of liposuction plus the transfer of fat to the buttocks. If the patient wishes to have liposuction of the front and sides, it will probably be an additional $1200 for both sides together.  We do not recommend someone weighing 135 lbs or less to do only one area if they expect to see a dramatic change. For maximum results, many areas will be needed to take fat from to get a dramatic change.

This procedure is derived from the recent advances in understanding of the use of fat transferred from one part of the body to another. By using liposuction to harvest fat which is then specially treated in antibiotic solution and filtered to remove any other non-solid products such as liquid, the fat in its purest form can be placed in special syringes and injected into tissue such as the buttocks by tiny holes allowing the fat to survive in a new location.

If the proper amount is used, the fat will take on a new form and survive in a cylinder shaped pocket almost completely in its full form.

Image Cosmetic Center Atlanta Brazilian Butt Lift Patients with Hugh Hefner

One of our Brazilian Butt Lift patients proudly displaying her trophy features for the late Hugh Hefner

Although a slight loss will take place as some of the fat is transferred and becomes liquified, most will take on what is believed to be a permanent addition to the tissue and will increase the volume predictably.


Brazilian Butt Lift Patient Testimonial

“I have worked hard for years to get my abs and legs shaped but that little layer of fat and cellulite was not going anyway no matter what I did.When I talked to him I felt so encouraged and confident and as soon as I took the dressings off after surgery ,I was ecstatic.I could see details in my abs and hips and butt curves that I always wanted.He is a craftsman and artist.”

The lift of the butt occurs because the fat is placed mostly in the upper and middle portion of the buttocks, causing the skin to shift upwards. The lift is accentuated sometimes by liposuction of the lower buttocks to shape and enhance the curve of the part of the buttocks that meets that back of the leg.

By reducing the lower part of butt and augmenting the upper part, the lift effect has been maximized. Although some debate continues in plastic surgery science about what happens to the fat after it is relocated, a permanent and definite change can almost always be seen in a properly performed procedure.

About Dr. Friedlander – Augusta, GA Medical School Alumni

Our Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Friedlander, graduated from the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta and moved on to Emory University, Piedmont hospital to do further surgical training, and Yale University in Bridgeport Hospital in Connecticut.

Dr. Friedlander did his plastic surgery training fellowship at the University of Miami Florida and a breast fellowship in Atlanta, GA. Dr. Tino Mendieta, a well-known plastic surgeon in Miami, FL and Dr. Friedlander’s friend, showed him the technique for Brazilian Butt Lift beginning in 2000. Dr. Friedlander has been performing this procedure at his surgical center in Atlanta, GA since then.

There have been numerous cases performed at our surgery center with good results and no complications. Our surgery center has streamlined the procedure so that they are able to offer pretty competitive prices compared to the prices in Augusta GA. This makes the Brazilian butt lift affordable at a well-recognized center which is only a short distance from Augusta.

Learn more about Dr. Friedlander

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Take a look at some of our Brazilian Butt Lift Procedures performed at our center in Atlanta, Georgia

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