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About Dr. Lewis Friedlander, M.D.

Dr. Lewis Friedlander, M.D. has been practicing plastic surgery since 1995. One of his great teachers, Dr. Ralph Millard, M.D., who passed away in 2011, referred to Dr. Friedlander as one of the toughest and most determined surgeons he has ever met. Dr. Millard believed that Dr. Friedlander took excellent care of patients. Dr. Friedlander is a member of The D. Ralph Millard plastic Surgery Society & Educational Foundation and did additional fellowship training in breast surgery in Atlanta, GA, and orbit surgery. He has also worked with medical students from local medical schools and been given the appointment as clinical assistant professor of surgery and plastic surgery. Dr. Friedlander's background and additional certification in emergency medicine and trauma has given him the ability to insure the safest environment for performing surgery.

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Before Nose Job Surgery Illustration

Complicated Rhinoplasty Details of Planning and Performing

In many cases, surgeons will avoid shortening of the nose when it is necessary because of the difficulty and predictability. The technique of shortening the nose to decrease the projection is a feature that is commonly requested in Hollywood by models and actresses. In our case, this beautiful young lady came in requesting just an […]

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Safety Considerations of Techniques in Fat Transfer for Buttocks Augmentation

The Brazilian Butt Lift or Buttock Augmentation with fat transfer has become an increasingly popular procedure and is becoming a commonly performed surgery. When done correctly, a definite and immediate improvement can be seen. The results are totally dependent on how much fat is available for transfer and how tight the buttocks compartment is. Many […]

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Liposuction and Fat Transfer

We have a patient who had liposuction and fat transfer. The photos show a clear and definite improvement in all areas. The abdomen shows a reduction in size and tightening, and the buttocks show a dramatic improvement in fullness and size. We show that a liter and a half was removed from the abdomen of […]

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Modified Anesthesia Techniques for Cosmetic Surgery May Improve Safety

There is an increasing tendency for plastic surgery teams to electively administer slightly lighter forms of anesthesia which provide patient comfort and pain-free procedures. By not using general anesthesia which often includes total muscle paralysis, the possible pooling and clotting of blood in the veins of the lower extremities is probably reduced when a patient […]

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Not at All Butt Lifts and Fat Transfers are the Same

There appears to be some scientific evidence to support the logical conclusion that the larger more well-preserved fat globules with the surrounding connective tissue may have a better survival rate once transferred than smaller traumatized fat cells which may lose their shape and strength. What this means in terms of practical application is that the […]

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Successful Facelift in 1 Hour

This technique used at Image Cosmetic Center is a variation of the standard open procedure in our institution. We have found a very successful technique of facial rejuvenation by utilizing an incision just behind the forehead hairline that extends from the top of the head all the way down to the neck through a small […]

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Understanding the Details of Liposuction

There are several methods of doing liposuction.  Recently, laser lipo has become a popular request.  Many people believe because a laser is involved, they will automatically get a better result.  This is not true. The laser is simply a tool.  The success depends on who is using it.  There is also some misunderstanding that people […]

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