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Out of State Patients

With our growing business and reputation for good service, many patient calls come from other states.  Many but not all decisions can be made by email.  Patients who wish to have an opinion from the surgeon should send high quality photographs of any area they wish to have surgery on.  Of course all information is treated as confidential and will only be seen by the doctor.

The photos should be taken from three to four feet away.  The patient should be standing against a plain wall with no distracting items (pictures, chairs, wall plugs, etc).  Photos of any area should be taken from multiple angles (front and both sides).

The opinion of the surgeon will only be a preliminary one.  For a final quote and definite go ahead, there must be a physical exam.  However, most situations can be estimated closely.  Factors that may change the opinion after a physical exam would be things such as a hernia that could not be seen on photo but felt by exam, unusual deep scarring, and other unanticipated physical factors. Therefore, any online opinion must be given and received with some caution.

Once a preliminary opinion is given, if the patient feels comfortable in moving ahead, a tentative surgery date can be secured by a deposit or full payment.  A 30% non-refundable deposit is required to hold a surgery date.

You must include your height, weight, and any medical or surgical problems including previous surgical history.

The surgery center agrees to refund any monies deposited if surgery must be cancelled because of unanticipated issues on exam not including processing fee and office time.

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