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Plastic Surgeon Photos


1982: Medical College of GA Graduation

Dr. George Friedlander, worked in Rome, Italy as the first assistant to the Nobel Prize winning team for the discovery of penicillin with Dr. Chain.  Dr. George Friedlander then worked with several major chemical companies as the head scientist before beginning his own company, U.S. Research Corporation.


1993: Cardiothoracic Surgery Service, Yale University

As a senior surgery resident, we are expected to take care of all patient issues before, during, and after surgery.  The fun part is the operation.  The hard part is the all night post-operative care that many of the sicker heart patients required.



2005: Dr. Raleigh Smith (Chief of Surgery – North GA Medical Center) and Dr. Lewis Friedlander at Barbecue

General surgeon and plastic surgeon often collaborate on difficult trauma and reconstructive surgery cases.  Dr. Friedlander and Dr. Raleigh Smith developed a friendship after working together in the operating room for a year.

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